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At Noonan Chiropractic, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Here are some testimonials!

I started seeing Dr. Noonan because of headaches and lower back pain. I would have headaches that would last for days with no relief from over the counter pain medications. I have always had chronic lower back pain. I had used only over the counter pain meds but they did not help and I did not want to use prescription drugs for this. Since I have been seeing Dr. Noonan I rarely have a headache and my lower back pain seems to be in very good control. When I started seeing Dr. Noonan I went 3 times a week and then 2 times a week and as I had less pain we ended up with my going once a month. This works so well for me. I had some surgery a couple of years ago and couldn't see Dr. Noonan for a couple of months and I was really glad when I could go back to my monthly schedule for adjustment. I will continue with this schedule because it gave me back a relatively pain free life with no headaches. It works for me and I think it would work for just about anyone.

Nancy B.

In 1992 I had to have an operation done to remove 75% of a disk in my lower back to correct a herniation. Ever since that time daily lower back pain was a part of my life. I had seen many doctors trying to deal with the pain and had several relapses of the herniated disk. The doctors I saw either prescribed meds like Percocet and Valium, told me I had to learn to live with the pain, or worse, didn’t believe me until I begged them for an MRI to prove my disk was again bulging. Luckily, a friend referred me to Dr. Noonan. Using a sensible balance of acupuncture, adjustments, diet and exercise, I have obtained some normalcy in my life again! Before seeing Dr. Noonan, I had resolved myself to the fact that I would just need to live the rest of my life in pain. Thanks to him, I can work, exercise and go about my life without drugs, without settling for a ‘just live with it’ attitude, and without wondering whether picking up a small object off the floor will leave me bedridden for weeks.

Thank you Dr. Noonan for giving me back a normal life!

Joe S.

After about 15 years of sleeping poorly due to finger and arm numbness that often woke me up at night and sometimes took me hours to get back to sleep, I finally mentioned it to Dr. Noonan. My fingers would go numb while driving, on my bicycle I had to frequently shake my hands to wake them up or hang them to get the feeling back. I was never tested for carpal tunnel because I didn’t want the surgery and didn’t want to know what I would find out. After seeing Dr. Noonan, I got some relief from my symptoms within the first week or two. It was great. Dr. Noonan taught me some methods to help myself with the numbness which also helped. That alone made life more pleasant. But it wasn’t totally gone, so Dr. Noonan suggested trying acupuncture. That really worked as well for quite a while as well, but then the numbness returned and I did become discouraged. I told myself it was better than when it was at it worst. But Dr. Noonan wasn’t discouraged and didn’t give up on me. He had another treatment I could try, nutritional supplements. They were the final fix. After taking what he had recommended, the numbness and tingling was gone. If I forget to take them, my hands remind me that I need to and the tingling goes away again. This was not a short process. I know it took at least a year and maybe longer but it fixed a 15 year long problem.

Cathy A.



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